Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

If you’ve dreamed of having full, voluminous hair or yearned for long, flowing movie star waves then extensions could be the answer.

Hair extensions can also be used to restore hair to its former glory after hair loss – giving you a fuller head of hair. Your confidence, as well as your hair, will be reborn with our extensions which are designed to do this with ease. Choosing to enhance your hair with extensions can seem like quite a commitment, so to help you I will give you a no-obligation consultation. I will talk you through every aspect of the service and answer your questions. This way you can be confident that your hair will look as stunning as you dreamed it would.

Sew in weft extensions, or hand-tied hair extensions as they are also known, are composed of hair that is sewn onto a horizontal strip, or weft. Stylists can “sew” the weft into your hair by pairing small portions of the extension’s strands with small batches of your own strands and securing it with a bead at the “roots.” The weft keeps the hair from tangling, which will save you time and frustration while styling. The beads on the weft will match the color of the extensions and will keep the extensions attached to your hair securely. The beads are silicone, which will protect both your hair and the extensions.

Sew In Weft Extensions Available From £150





150  Extensions - £175.00 Fine/ Medium Hair Thickness

200 Extensions -£225.00 Thick Hair


Pre-Bonded & Micro/Nano Ring Hair Extensions

The Pre-Bonded system allows your natural hair to be easily and safely blended and lengthened.  Scientifically proven not to damage hair, each bond is individually formed with quality hair.

Micro Ring are considered to be the most undetectable hair extensions available in the market. They are the quickest, most natural looking and pain free extensions. Made with 100% real Remy human hair,

The extension hair itself is the best there is; root point correct and cuticle intact, It is a supreme quality human hair that feels as natural as your own. Offering a fantastic range of colours, the fantastic hair can be curled, straightened (up to 160°C), coloured (up to 6% peroxide) and even permed.Easy to apply, the  hair extensions can be worn up to three months (with regular maintenance) and are quick to remove leaving no trace or residue.